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Getting the Most Out Of Your Advisors

Engaging directly with KOLs can help you validate and refine your medical, marketing, and payer strategies. Philippe Vitat, Executive Medical Director, Avant Healthcare Communications, provides his perspectives on how to make sure you get the most out of your expert advisors.

Medical Marketers: Five Trends to Carefully Monitor

From wearable technology to alternative point-of-care environments, medical marketing is an evolving environment. Chris O’Toole, President of Avant Healthcare Communications, shares his perspective on five healthcare trends that marketers should closely monitor to ensure they are keeping their sights on the right targets.

Remember: No Two KOLS Are Exactly Alike

Who do you choose as your gurus? Do you want the best, or someone who might “fit the bill?” Deliberate and methodical selection of your key opinion leaders (KOLs) can make a significant impact on your project or initiative’s success. In our latest Avant Healthcare blog, Jeff Sears, Executive Director, shares some thoughts on the importance of selecting KOLs who will help meet your specific project needs.

Timelessness and Accessibility: Keys to Enduring Materials

Enduring materials are a tried-and-true solution, but how do you ensure yours are timeless and accessible? Benjamin Dewhurst, Producer, Motion Picture Production, Avant Healthcare, provides his perspectives on what makes a material “enduring” with regard to creative deliverables such as short films.

Avant’s Top Ten Advisory Board Best Practices

Planning some upcoming advisory activities? In our latest blog from Jeff Sears, Executive Director, learn the three key elements for successful advisory activities and view Avant Healthcare’s Top Ten Best Practices for your next advisory board.

OnDemand Programming: A Cost-Effective Education Solution

Imagine your biggest project challenge is being able to convince healthcare professionals to participate in an educational experience that will be more conducive to their ever-demanding schedules. Nikki Snodgrass, Executive Director with Avant Healthcare Communications, explains how OnDemand programming is a vital component of future peer-to-peer programming.

Coordination is Key for Successful KOL Engagement

Your KOLs are important to you, but do you take the time to make sure they feel valued? Or do your KOLs feel as though they need to “unsubscribe” from working with you? Jeff Sears, Executive Director, provides his perspectives on the importance of making sure your KOL engagement plans are personalized.

Stop Chasing the Wrong Metrics: Keep Focused

When building your program strategy, are you focused on what is truly most important in order to succeed? How can you measure success if you haven’t clearly defined what it means to succeed? Every program strategy needs to include measurement and analytics to help validate its success. But even the best measurement strategies will fail if the focus shifts away from your clearly defined measurable objectives. Randy Boon, Senior Manager, Research and Analytics, provides his perspectives on how you can stop chasing the wrong metrics and focus on a winning measurement strategy.

Measure What Matters: Keep Analytics In Budgets

Do your evaluations make a difference? Or are your measurement tactics so uninspired and undervalued that they are quickly removed from project budgets? Jeff Sears, Executive Director, provides his perspectives on the importance of making sure you’re measuring the things that matter.

Delivering Dynamic Enduring Education to Healthcare Providers

How do enduring materials fit into your digital strategy and marketing mix? Rod Julian, Vice President with Avant Healthcare Marketing, shares his perspectives on enduring materials, why they are important, and key considerations for using them.

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