When meeting face to face, nothing is more important, or indelible, than that first impression. Whether an invitation, the ride from the airport, or the check-in process, external factors unrelated to program content should not impact an attendee’s experience. That is why successful events require positive interactions backed by flawless execution.

The Avant Healthcare Meeting Planning Services team knows how to get there—because we have been there.

Since 1994, we have executed more than 11,000 live face-to-face healthcare events. Our certified meeting planners expertly coordinate all sourcing, planning, communications, on-site logistics, and reporting. We also understand that any individual program is always part of a larger strategy. By inspiring, motivating, and educating attendees, we are turning transactional meetings into transformational experiences.

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Event Management

Whether bringing together 10 people or 1000, we have experience supporting a variety of meeting types, including:

  • Sales (product launch, regional/national sales meetings, incentive trips)
  • Internal (corporate leadership, information exchanges, marketing planning)
  • Medical (investigator/startup)
  • Faculty/speaker training
  • Multicity series programming
  • Advisory/consultant boards
  • Special events (awareness, community outreach, galas/dinners, fairs)

Our team understands the structures, standard flow, and expectations associated with each type of event. We take the time to understand what is strategically important to our clients and support those needs even if another supplier is managing the event’s content or overall program strategy.

What That Means for You

You don’t have to sweat the small stuff. We have things under control, focusing on the details so you don’t have to—and even offering a few recommendations you may not have considered.

Attendee Recruitment/Communications

Getting the right people to attend an event is more important than just reaching an attendance goal. Our clients don’t want to invest funds to plan and execute a meeting and not have the appropriate people in attendance. Our team provides concierge-level service, ensuring participants receive communications that proactively address their potential questions and concerns before, during, and after the event.

We spend just as much time on the impressions made prior to a program as we do on executing the program itself. Our team can work directly from client-generated target attendee lists for recruitment efforts. Or, for more strategic initiatives involving the field, we can collaborate with our internal experts to develop targeted recruitment and communication plans that ensure the audience includes as many desired attendees as possible.

Want to leave the standard templates behind? We can partner with our in-house Creative Services team to ensure recruitment materials are attractive, accurate, and informative, with a specific and clear call to action.

What That Means for You

We have the ability to get the right people to attend your program and to ensure every attendee receives concierge-level service.

Faculty Logistics

Speakers have unique needs. Our team partners with faculty or support staff to coordinate their schedules and arrangements, including flights, ground transportation, housing, and program confirmations—all through one expert point of contact.

We have deep experience with comprehensive expense reporting and processing of honoraria, including all related dimensions of compliance such as state reporting on meals and transfers of value (Sunshine Act), and can work through a client’s faculty management system or utilize one of our proprietary faculty management portal solutions.

Partnering closely with our in-house Creative Services team, we can create and disseminate all formal communications, including confirmations and follow-up/thank-you communications that are memorable, visually appealing, and most importantly, lead to the desired action.

What That Means for You

Our two decades of meeting planning experience coupled with a single point of contact ensures clear communication and accountability in the execution of tasks preceding, during, and following the meeting.

Venue Sourcing

Whether partnering with your preferred travel/meeting sourcing company or using our proprietary database of more than 5400 venues—nearly 150 of those in popular locations outside the United States—we can help you identify the best venue(s) considering your program needs, the distance from attendees, and our past experience with the venue and other vendor partners. We know not only how to source a venue, but how to integrate your strategy into the larger picture of meeting planning considerations.

Beyond the “where,” we negotiate the “what”: contracts, menu selection, service expectations, audiovisual support, and room setup requirements. Your attendees only need to worry about showing up—and you don’t need to worry about anything.

What That Means for You

Our proven ability to negotiate and identify efficiencies, cost savings, or other favorable terms for our clients creates tremendous value.

On-Site Logistics

From months before the first attendee arrives until everyone has departed and the last light is shut off, we are prepared, taking the time to manage the small details. Nothing goes unnoticed, untouched, or unaddressed. Our Meeting Planning Services team manages on-site logistics in three areas:

  • Overall program management — the basics of confirming security and compliance requirements have been met, that the room is properly set up, that all relevant materials are present and in place, and that the timing and flow of the meeting are confirmed; simply, we plan for any unforeseen contingencies, from late start times to last-minute room changes
  • Attendee support — ensuring smooth transit to/from the venue, on-site check-in, ready availability of pertinent information, and general support for attendees, client staff members, and supplier partners
  • Supplier management — instead of leaving it to our clients to keep track of multiple logistics partners, we coordinate the stakeholders, keeping our clients informed along the way through a single point of contact

What That Means for You

Our highly experienced on-site staff partners with all key players—including the venue, suppliers, and support staff—to deliver an unparalleled attendee experience.

Differentiation Through Integration

Avant Healthcare and its fully integrated agency structure provides our Meeting Planning Services team the capability to enhance events of any size or scope—before, during, and after they commence. These include:

  • Medical and scientific content, curriculum support, geographic mapping analysis, and outcomes measurement through our in-house medical colleagues
  • Design and recruitment expertise through our Creative Services team to create visual themes and campaigns for event materials
  • Overall program strategy, management, and event follow-up with our marketing experts
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