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Avant Healthcare Guide: Three Digital Opinion Leader Personas

What’s the difference between a Digital Opinion Leader (DOL) Creator, Sharer, and Engager, and how can understanding these DOL personas jump-start your thinking around how and where you can begin building DOL relationships? This guide provides an overview on how devising a sound opinion leader strategy while employing social media best practices, gaining internal stakeholder alignment, and creatively approaching problem-solving can help take your brand where it needs to go next.

Grab your free guide, and inside you’ll discover:

  • A detailed overview of each of the top digital opinion leader personas
  • Considerations for the types of content and activities that align best with the DOL's unique strengths
  • Tips on how to engage with each of the top DOL personas
Guide Three DOL Personas

In this guide, you will learn:

The top three digital opinion leader personas
Content and activities that align with the DOL's strengths
Tips on how to engage with each of the top DOL personas


We know how to connect with HCPs to tell your brand story. Using principles of behavioral science and the art of medical storytelling, we evaluate HCPs’ knowledge, habits, and cognitive biases to develop education that moves HCPs from merely aware to all in. And with strategic vision and a coordinated effort, we help streamline your opinion leader interactions to maximize their value while minimizing the impact on their time.

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