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Inspiring Healthcare Professionals to Action: Changing Behaviors Through Medical Storytelling

Storytelling may seem like an antiquated tool in modern times, which is exactly what makes it so powerful. How? Life unfolds in the narratives we share with each other. A great story can go where quantitative analysis often cannot: straight to the heart. Clinical trial data can instill confidence and persuade healthcare professionals (HCPs), but those data do not compel them to change behaviors—or even inspire them to consider acting. To inspire and effect behavior change, we must wrap a compelling, rich medical story around a brand strategy to truly win hearts and minds. 

Learn more about the science behind storytelling and why that science creates more impactful touchpoints for your audiences, inspiring them to think, and ultimately act, differently.

White Paper Changing Behaviors

In this white paper, you will learn:

The psychology of clinical decision making
How the COM-B System provides a framework to understand behaviors
Why our brains love storytelling

When it comes to HCP engagement, we get it.

We know how to connect with HCPs to tell your brand story. Using principles of behavioral science and the art of medical storytelling, we evaluate HCPs’ knowledge, habits, and cognitive biases to develop education that moves HCPs from merely aware to all in. And with strategic vision and a coordinated effort, we help streamline your HCP interactions to maximize their value while minimizing the impact on their time.

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