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The Rise of Rich Social Content To Engage HCPs

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Virtual Engagement With HCPs is More Important Than Ever

Social media is over 90% effective at reaching HCPs with rich content delivered at a frequency of just 1.2 posts per month.

76% of HCPs prefer to keep or increase virtual interactions with pharma companies.

HCPs are increasingly looking for more personalized, rich tailored content. Their curiosity is driven by medical information and scientific data, with a growing interest in how pharma companies can support patient care digital tools and engagement.

Rich Peer-To-Peer Content

Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) have an opportunity to provide peer-to-peer content that is authentic, credible, and engaging.

Top Social Platforms Used by HCPs For Clinically Relevant Purposes:

  • Doximity (77%)
  • LinkedIn (67%)
  • Medscape (61%)
  • Sermo (51%)
  • Facebook Private Groups (33%)
  • Facebook Public Posts (29%)
  • Instagram (26%)
  • YouTube (25%)
  • Twitter Public Posts (23%)
  • Twitter Private Groups (10%)

Top 5 Most Valuable Social Topics For Peer-To-Peer Content:

  1. New Scientific Research
  2. Information Presented at a Professional Conference
  3. Disease Management Peer Learnings
  4. Patient Management Techniques
  5. Upcoming Professional Events

Rich Pharma Content

Medical and science pharma staff have an opportunity to provide rich content that is data-driven and patient-centric. 

62% of HCPs give clinical credibility to social content by physician employees of a pharma company.

Disease state education is the #1 topic HCPs want to learn about when engaging with pharma social content. 


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