Our in-house industry experts are anxious to share their knowledge with you. Take a look at some of our team member perspectives, and contact us if you want to Ask Avant for specific thoughts or feedback on an industry topic.

Measure What Matters: Keep Analytics In Budgets

Do your evaluations make a difference? Or are your measurement tactics so uninspired and undervalued that they are quickly removed from project budgets? Jeff Sears, Executive Director, provides his perspectives on the importance of making sure you’re measuring the things that matter.

Communication: One Key to Meeting Planning Success

Our meeting planning services team focuses on all of the little details, so that you don’t have to. But in order to do that, we need to know and understand key functions and plans for your meeting. Michelle Kuehn, one of our project administrators, shares her perspective on the importance of client communication when planning an event.

Educating and Engaging During Your Speaker Trainings

It is important that your speakers are fully prepared to be the best representatives of your company and to properly share your medical story. Jeff Sears, Executive Director, shares some perspectives on how to make your speaker trainings impactful, engaging, and memorable using real-world exercises and case studies.

Providing Integrated Customer Experiences For Your Faculty

Avant Healthcare has partnered with thousands of healthcare professional speakers to deliver more than 9,000 programs over the past 20 years. Katie Brusveen, one of our project administrators, shares her perspectives around the importance of advanced planning, being a compliance resource, and building relationships with your faculty.

Make Every Detail Count: A Planner’s Perspective

You want your attendees to remember your programs for the right reasons. Sheila Woodside, Manager, Meeting Planning Services, shares perspectives about the importance of paying attention to all of the small details to ensure your participants are focused on the content, not on the logistics.

Remote Programs: Reach Farther Audiences With Technology

Live remote programming is increasing in popularity every year. This isn’t to say that remote programming will ever fully replace face-to-face programs. But with all of the right pieces in the right places, remote programming can be another channel to help your medical story reach a wider audience with a smaller investment of resources.

Making The Most Of Your Virtual Events

With limited resources, how can you leverage technology to reach an expanded audience? Nick Shotwell, Virtual Events Manager for Avant Healthcare, shares some approaches and recommendations for conducting live virtual programs.

Advisory Boards: Interacting With Your Top Experts

We value their time, input, and insights. But do we always show it? Jeff Sears, Executive Director, shares three things to consider when working with key opinion leaders (KOLs) at an advisory board.

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