Dissatisfied With the Status Quo Since 1994 

We vehemently challenge the status quo in advancing medical education to positively impact the health and well-being of patients around the world.
Lofty? Perhaps, but we’ve been doing it since 1994 and counting.

Avant Innovation Lab

Deep innovation requires pressure-proof gear

We live in a rapidly evolving clinical world, filled with new frontiers for clinicians and patients alike. In this space, we boldly explore testing and growing new services across digital, social, and experiential platforms to develop next-gen med ed. It’s how we ensure your innovations of today and tomorrow break through to your HCP audience.

Our Avant Leaders

Trina Stonner, RN, MSN
Global Group President, Medical
As a former advanced practice nurse, Trina understands clinical experience needs from an insider’s perspective. Prior to joining Avant Healthcare, Trina spent 15 years in marketing and sales roles at Eli Lilly and Company. A proven expert in strategic planning and execution, she keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest HCP trends.
Todd Wright, MBA
Chief Chief Commercial Officer, Medical
Strategy is like oxygen to Todd. He lives and breathes it. With more than 20 years of executive experience in pharmaceutical marketing, including over 10 years at Eli Lilly and Company, Todd enjoys nothing more than helping our clients educate and engage with HCPs across a spectrum of channels—executing against a thoroughly buttoned-up, end-to-end strategy.
Kat Barrett, MBA
Chief Creative Officer, Medical
After spending seven years in sales and marketing roles at Eli Lilly and Company, Kat joined Avant Healthcare in 2008. Since then, Kat has worn many hats—from account executive to her current role as Chief Operating Officer. Today, Kat is responsible for the overall business operations of Avant Healthcare. For the former University of Kentucky Homecoming Queen, supporting the ongoing growth of Avant Healthcare remains her crowning achievement.
Patrick Kelley, MBA
Chief CX and Creative Officer
With more than 25 years of experience in producing award-winning work for clients including Burger King, Cleveland Clinic, Eli Lilly and Company, Kraft Foods, and Acacia Pharma, Patrick loves creative branding almost as much as he loves his wife and two daughters. He ensures that all creative development is firmly grounded in a disciplined adherence to strategy to turn HCP education into pure inspiration.
Philippe Vitat, MA
Vice President, Medical Services
When Philippe dives into the deep waters of science, it certainly helps that he was a competitive swimmer while growing up in the suburbs of Paris, France. An award-winning expert in scientific, multichannel content development, Philippe brings deep strategic understanding and extensive knowledge in multiple therapeutic areas to lead our medical teams in crafting compelling brand stories.
Sarah Wilson, PhD
Vice President, Medical
As a scientist and a cattle rancher, Sarah is well-versed in applying the power of analysis to multiple moving parts. At Avant Healthcare, she’s contributed to over 15 launches and indication expansions, and she leads a team of medical directors and medical writers, partnering with multiple brands across various stages of the product life cycle.
Jeri Moody, CMP
Executive Director, Meeting Planning + Speaker Bureau Services
Seamless travel logistics. Perfect meeting site. Excellent room selection. Jeri and her fellow staff work behind the scenes to make it happen. With more than 20 years of experience, Jeri oversees the functions and resources required to execute successful programs, focusing on optimizing staff utilization while keeping process and regulations at the forefront. A seasoned traveler, Jeri’s favorite destination is Rome. Bellissimo!


Avant means forward, and that’s exactly how our Founder Deborah Wood led our agency since 1994. Equipped with inspiration and unstoppable determination, she forged ahead to create and build the award-winning agency we are today.  

There’s never been an agency like Avant Healthcare before—because there’s never been a founder like Deborah Wood.  


With our recent acquisition by Real Chemistry, we are quickly becoming the world’s premier medical communications agency. Our patient-first passion and commitment to delivering breakthrough creative, scientific excellence, and AI-powered innovation that engages HCPs across today’s vast channel landscape, is second to none. 

Our agency culture is like coming home

And you can stay at home while enjoying it

While we are fully remote, we work from a united state of mind that’s passionate about the possibilities of HCP engagement. We are scientists, strategists, artists, and technologists brought together for a common purpose—to make a difference in patients’ lives by creating vibrant medical education experiences that inspire action. We do this by striving every day to embody our company’s bedrock of values—the “H4S”: honorable, healthy, hungry, humble, and smart.



We exemplify ethical business practices. We sometimes fail, but we always learn from our missteps. We are always honest and open with each other and our customers.

In all we do, we strive to make a difference in patients’ lives.


We take our mission seriously but have fun along the way. We foster a work environment where individuals can flourish. We always assume positive intent with our colleagues and customers.

We’re one team focused on positive outcomes and solutions.


We are resilient and demonstrate agility in the face of change. We embrace experimentation. We learn quickly, adapting to apply all learnings to better serve our customers.

We believe that the whole team is stronger than the sum of its parts.


We work hard so our customers receive the best results.

We seek to achieve excellence in all that we do.

We embrace all feedback to learn and grow professionally. We’re naturally curious, actively seeking new information and new ways of doing things.


Our success, individually and for our customers, relies upon each

We are servant leaders, not servants of our own interests.

We always treat others with both compassion and care.

Doing Good

It’s an Rx for the better

Helping others is at the heart of what we do, and it extends well beyond our client work. From our employee-led CARES program to providing pro-bono support to our local JDRF chapter’s Hope Gala, we’re honored to have the opportunity to give back in many ways. In a world full of unmet needs, we find there’s nothing better than donating our time, talents, and funds for the greater good.

Forever a part of our DNA

We have the mother of all origin stories. When Deborah Wood started her business out of her home in the early 90s, she was its one and only employee. As the company grew in size and scope, it became Deborah Wood Associates, or DWA Healthcare Communications Group, with separately named divisions.

Today, we’ve evolved into Avant Healthcare, a full-service, fully integrated agency with employees and clients from across the country—and even the world. Although our name has changed, the passion, drive, and commitment to creative and scientific excellence that brought this company to life remains—and always will.

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