We deliver unquestionable science

The pursuit and application of knowledge is the cornerstone of what we do.


We ground everything in science.

This means scientific expertise and in-depth, in-house medical and clinical experience.

Most of our Avant Healthcare medical team hold an advanced degree—PhD, MD, PharmD, or MPH—and possess both subject matter expertise and the ability to serve as effective strategic communication partners to you. This translates into strong scientific strategies, impactful communications, and relevant education for your DOLs/KOLs, advisors, and communities.


1 in 5 agency employees
is part of our medical/scientific staff


Have at least one advanced degree


Have two or more advanced degrees


Of our medical staff prefer dogs vs cats

Our Medical Leaders

Trina Stonner, RN, MSN
Chief CX Officer and President
As a former advanced practice nurse, Trina understands clinical experience needs from an insider’s perspective. Prior to joining Avant Healthcare, Trina spent 15 years in marketing and sales roles at Eli Lilly and Company. A proven expert in strategic planning and execution, she keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest HCP trends.
Philippe Vitat, MA
Vice President, Medical Services
When Philippe dives into the deep waters of science, it certainly helps that he was a competitive swimmer while growing up in the suburbs of Paris, France. An award-winning expert in scientific, multichannel content development, Philippe brings deep strategic understanding and extensive knowledge in multiple therapeutic areas to lead our medical teams in crafting compelling brand stories.
Sarah Wilson, PhD
Vice President, Medical
As a scientist and a cattle rancher, Sarah is well-versed in applying the power of analysis to multiple moving parts. At Avant Healthcare, she’s contributed to over 15 launches and indication expansions, and she leads a team of medical directors and medical writers, partnering with multiple brands across various stages of the product life cycle.
Wendy Strother, PhD
Executive Medical Director
From her first days in a renowned Alzheimer’s disease lab as an undergrad to teaching graduate and medical students at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Wendy has focused her entire career on neuroscience. Today, she leads a dynamic team of medical directors and medical writers across numerous therapeutic areas, including neurology, psychiatry, immunology, and infectious disease.


Our scientific experience runs deep

Like the healthcare space we’ve been a part of since 1994, our expertise is ever-evolving, as scientific innovations bring new opportunities to expand the depth and breadth of our support to our clients and their patients.

Our Medical Advisory Board

Invaluable insights from industry-leading HCPs

Established in 2011, our Medical Advisory Board helps strengthen our network of academic and KOL partnerships while reinforcing our commitment to housing a medical education center of excellence. Permanent board members offer our staff the ability to consult periodically with regional specialists who provide us with invaluable clinical insights. In turn, the board helps to further solidify our position as an authoritative presence and thought leader in medical strategy and communications.

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