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Digital Opinion Leader Deep-Dive: The Sharer

In a recent article, we provided an overview of three Digital Opinion Leader (DOL) personas we have developed: Engagers, Creators, and Sharers. We covered Creators in the previous post. Next up in the series is the Sharer.

Simply put, the Sharer is a content curator. A content curator gathers relevant content from various parts of the internet, assembles it in one place, adds context, and re-publishes the content for their audience. Sharers keep their fingers on the pulse of what's new, trending, or thought-provoking in healthcare - and share those findings with their followers. The Sharer's motivation is to have an informed following of healthcare providers (HCPs) that are up to date on the latest information in their expertise. Curated content for HCPs can come in various forms. Content from a Sharer could look like links to research publications with groundbreaking discoveries, new drug launches and indications, or reposts of expert advice from their peers.


Value in Amplification

Unlike the Creator, the Sharer does not create, which is why this persona has the potential to be overlooked. However, the power of the Sharer lies in the value they provide. Sharing content takes significantly less time than creating original content, but that does not mean the Sharer is less skilled than their counterparts. Sharers can cut through the noise and identify the information HCPs find valuable and tailor it to their expertise. This persona can act as an advisor on social media engagement because they have a keen sense of what HCP audiences find relevant and worthwhile. The Sharer not only connects with their followers, but they expand their professional network by amplifying the voice of their peers.


Community Without Original Content

The Sharer can build community without original content while positioning themselves as thought leaders. The power of curated content with the addition of commentary or anecdotes allows the Sharer to develop an authentic voice outside of sharing content. This distinction is imperative to building and nurturing an online community of HCPs. That authentic voice is seen most when sharing real-time content from events and congresses. The Sharer creates an environment where they have access to fresh content, again positioning themselves as the ones to share exclusive content before it reaches the masses.

Whether the Sharer is a DOL with a niche specialty focusing on a rare disease state or a general family practice - their objective is to gather content from media outlets, organizations, and creators to curate a tailored content experience that provides value to their followers. Want additional insight on our approach to DOLs and HCP engagement? Let's connect.

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