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Sarah Wilson, PhD to Lead Medical Affairs


Sarah_WilsonAvant Healthcare is thrilled to announce the promotion of Sarah Wilson, PhD, from Executive Medical Director to Vice President, Medical!   

Sarah brings a wealth of expertise to Avant’s medical affairs service offerings, with six years as a scientist and academic researcher. Complementing her knowledge in the field, she has more than eight years of experience in medical strategy and communication in oncology, immunology, and neuroscience. She also has an extensive background in partnering with key stakeholders across various stages of product development, including 15+ launches, making her an invaluable asset to the Avant team. Her unique blend of skills and experience enables her to communicate complex scientific concepts and develop effective strategies when bringing new products to market.  

Sarah’s leadership of medical affairs will be crucial in advancing our mission to move patient care forward. Avant surrounds HCP audiences with relevant and impactful information where and when they need it—combining an unparalleled mix of scientific expertise, exceptional creative talent, and savvy strategic insight. With Sarah's guidance, medical affairs organizations can expect uniquely tailored experiences dedicated to understanding their customers’ specific perspectives and objectives.  

“Sarah is known for her exceptional scientific knowledge, remarkable ability to devise effective strategies with promotional medical education and medical affairs, as well as being a true leader of people,” said Avant’s Chief CX Officer and President, Trina Stonner. “We are excited to congratulate her on this well-deserved accomplishment and look forward to seeing Sarah continue to excel in the future.” 


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