We also practice what we preach with our client partners.

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We exist to serve the patients who need us most

Informing and inspiring attendees at a congress. Engaging and equipping speakers at a training. Advancing ideas and amazing users through next-gen digital experiences. Wherever and whenever there is a need to provide HCPs with the medical insights they need to help their patients, you will find Avant Healthcare at work.

As scientists, creatives, and strategists, we are inspired by the lives that are changed and improved every day thanks to advances in medicine. We put that inspiration into the work we do for you—to bring the wonders of your science to life for your HCP audience.

From launch to expiry, we cover the entire life cycle

A successful launch is just the beginning, and it’s critical to setting the stage for future success. At Avant Healthcare, we understand how to harness the potential of your brand throughout its lifecycle—by reaching HCPs at the right time with the right message, from before it even it starts out of the gate to when the patent sunsets.

Branding + Advertising

Your mission? Command the attention of target HCPs. Ours: Get to mission accomplished. We know what it takes to not only make HCPs take notice, but also to keep them engaged in today’s multichannel world. Decades of experience have taught us how to perfect the art of fusing highly scientific content with breakthrough creative. We meet HCPs where they are, using channel dynamic methods that create and sustain awareness while building relationships with healthcare-specific audiences.

Branding + Advertising Services

HCP Advertising

A successful HCP ad can’t live on science alone. It needs to meet HCPs where they are—as clinicians, in their buyer journey, and as people. By combining science with emotion, planning and placement, we can help you inform and inspire HCP decision makers on a deeper level with advertising that helps your brand break through.

Brand Development

Working from a firm foundation of HCP audience experience and marketing expertise, we can help build your brand from the ground up, from crafting your value proposition to establishing a visual identity. This includes employing the latest strategic tools—such as competitive differentiation, product positioning, and content marketing—to ensure your brand is built for success.

Campaign Development

To reach HCPs across today’s chaotic marketing channels, it’s imperative to make every branded touchpoint resonate. End-to-end campaign development is a point of differentiation for us. Our campaigns drive engagement from concept development, key asset creation, custom photography and illustration, video, 3D modeling/animation to quality-controlled production services.

Market + Brand Discovery

Evolving our customers’ brand strategy begins in discovery. Where strategy, science, creative, and analytics culminate together to uncover data-driven insights that drive brand engagement across channels. Our goal is simple: surround our HCP audience with the most relevant, impactful information around our customers’ brands to move them to act.

Marketing + Sales Strategy

Leveraging effective, market-specific data to evolve sales strategies for our customers is not just something we do–it’s what we do. Omnichannel marketing mixes, supported by deep segmentation, automation, and analytics, are always at our fingertips and crucial to creating a foundational and lasting marketing and sales strategy.

Disease State Awareness

Disease itself marks the intersection point of patient and provider, bringing them together to align on a treatment approach. To maximize those interactions, patients must first understand their condition—their symptoms, the burden, and potential treatment options. We understand both the clinical and emotional aspects of disease, and how to help HCPs translate them into clear, understandable language that empowers their patients to take a more active role in managing their illness.

Media Strategy + Omnichannel Marketing

Connect with HCPs where they live and work—from social posts to online journals—with consistent and cohesive messaging that keeps your brand top of mind. From product sites and landing pages to banner ads, emails, and social, we can build a tailored omnichannel presence for your brand that reaches HCPs throughout their customer journey.

Social Media

Before your brand can take off, you need to put the optimal path to market in place. Leveraging precision strategy and timing, we can lay the critical groundwork necessary for success. We’ll employ tools such as early market research, gap analysis, and lexicon development,as well as market conditioning and streamlining the NDA process.

Sales Force Planning + Materials

Set your reps up for success with our sales force services. From planning national sales meetings and recommending sales incentives to developing field sales materials, we offer a full complement of sales support tools. Understanding the importance of key market factors, such as motivators for target HCPs, care settings, and the competitive space,we know what it takes to optimize sales teams.

Promotional Medical Education

Inspiring Minds Want to Know

Your brand has a story to tell, and we can bring it to life so it speaks directly to HCPs. We know how to walk the talk, too. Most of our medical writers hold advanced degrees—PhD, PharmD, or MD. They work hand-in-hand with our team of creative experts to turn your scientific facts into fascinating, next-gen medical education that both informs and inspires.

Whether it’s a mechanism of action video that has your audience traveling through a 3D rendering or a product theater that’s as interesting as it is informative, we add a whole new level of engagement to your brand’s medical education initiatives.

Promotional Medical Education Services

Next-Gen MedEd

Sprinkle some wow factor into your content. Our innovative digital solutions can lead to higher learning retention, greater stopping power, and meaningful behavior change in practice—we call it Next-Gen Medical Education. We offer mixed reality experiential presentations, custom animations and medical illustrations, web-based content learning hubs, virtual/streaming program delivery, static or HTML display ads and emails, and custom app and website development.

Medical Strategy + Consulting

When strategy, science and creative align, it forms a powerful content trifecta that can help you achieve your marketing and medical objectives. We offer strategic expertise across a wide range of medical education needs, including product launches, brand planning, competitive intelligence, medical strategy, peer-to-peer strategy, and omnichannel content marketing.

Medical Storytelling + Content Development

For content that’s compliant and creative, look no further than Avant Healthcare. We specialize in scientific storytelling that guides HCP beliefs and behaviors, including branded and disease state medical education presentations, interactive and nonlinear content, patient cases, product theaters/symposia, presentations, webcasts, podcasts, speaker program drivers and pull-through materials.

End-to-End Program Strategy

Bring your content to life with engaging and memorable peer-to-peer programming. From in-person events to virtual live streams, we can design and execute a program experience that will leave a lasting impression with attendees and speakers alike. Our services even extend to geo-targeting analysis for program planning.

Sales Rep Training

A knowledgeable and engaged sales force is a more effective sales force. We can support your field training needs on every level and within every stage of the brand life cycle—from new product launches to label updates. We develop our content training modules with a high understanding of your brand and its competitive set. In person or virtual, we offer training that keeps your reps up-to-date and ready to make an impact.

KOL Strategy + Engagement

When the right KOL talks, their peers listen. Leveraging our deep industry experience and medical expertise, we can identify OLs and cultivate personal engagements that deliver on your strategic objectives. Using precise identification, segmentation, and influence mapping, we can craft personalized engagement plans. These plans span from live and virtual speaker trainings and advisory boards to in-person and virtual 1:1 advising, as well as 1:1 executive at congresses. We take care of the details, so you can focus on building meaningful OL relationships.

Launch Preparedness

When the FDA approves your brand, it's go time and our launch preparedness protocols get you market-ready. We build out comprehensive plans that take traditional or accelerated FDA approvals into account to ensure tactics are seamlessly integrated across channels. We have every step of your approval process covered. Then, when approval arrives, you can flip the switch to activate your tactics to their full launch advantage.

Medical Affairs

Education at the speed of innovation

The advances made in medicine today arrive at a furious pace—and so does the influx of information served up to HCPs from a myriad of channels. Stay in front of it all with a comprehensive medical affairs offering that helps your HCP audience stay informed of your latest advances when and where it matters most—online, in the clinical setting, or at a congress. 
We bring together an unparalleled mix of scientific expertise, exceptional creative talent, and savvy strategic insight to surround your HCP audience with the most relevant and impactful information about your therapeutic area at every phase of the product  lifecycle. 

Medical Affairs Capabilities

NextGen Med Affairs

Seeing is believing, and believing is learning. Our experiential learning opportunities enable you to bring key lessons to life for your audience. With our omnichannel, extended reality (XR), and mobile app offerings, HCPs can interact with real-world clinical scenarios in ways that more closely reflect actual experiences.

Scientific Strategy + Consulting

As experienced scientists, clinicians, strategists, and creatives, we bring understanding and firsthand knowledge to reaching and connecting with your HCP audience. We offer strategic expertise across a spectrum of medical affairs needs, including product launches, disease state education, publications support, congress support, medical education and omnichannel strategy.

Scientific Publications

From strategic advice on publication placement to actual delivery, we offer comprehensive publications support. This includes design, generation, revision, and review of abstracts, posters, and manuscripts. 

Field Medical Resources + Training

We develop differentiated educational and training materials for those who educate HCPs. We can also help analyze metrics to monitor success and inform enhancements and future initiatives.

Lexicon + Medical Platform Development

A strong scientific narrative and associated lexicon are critical to driving consistent, clinically relevant messaging across multiple stakeholders and audiences. We bring deep expertise and understanding to find the sweet spot between context and content. Leveraging adult learning principles, we develop a scientific narrative, lexicon, and associated educational materials and engagements that help drive the behavior change necessary to improve patient outcomes.

Scientific Content Development

Unbranded and product-specific medical education plays a key role in improving HCP understanding and, in turn, patient outcomes. From common conditions to the rarest ones, creating a fuller scientific understanding for providers helps to inform more effective management approaches. With our deep understanding of adult learning principles—and even deeper clinical knowledge across a spectrum of therapeutic areas—we specialize in creating that fuller understanding. 

Scientific Advisory Boards

From the initial concept and content delivery to the evaluation of key learnings, our dedicated team of medical experts and meeting planners can design and deliver advisory experiences that go beyond just informing to truly engaging your advisors in a more dynamic way.

Scientific Congress Support

We can manage and organize all facets to give your next congress presence more lasting impact. From booths to symposia, we create seamless, engaging congress experience that shape to your current therapeutic area needs.

Scientific Symposia

Medicine is more personalized and integrated than ever. That’s why clinicians should be introduced to new disease state and therapeutic education in the context of the entire spectrum of care. Our scientific symposia offering enables you to introduce your education in an integrated and holistic way.

Analytics + Insights

Delivering Data That Drives Engagement

Data isn’t static. It’s interactive, alive, and ever evolving. That’s why we don’t just develop hypotheses, we test them and retool our analyses as needed to create a true feedback loop that keeps feeding your business the insights it needs to help keep it growing.

When our Analytics and Insights team views the data, they see more than the sum of their parts. Utilizing an advanced analytics system to measure campaign reach and establish foundational truths, our data scientists uncover real and tangible insights your HCP audiences will value. 

We move beyond descriptive reporting to better understand the impact of metrics on campaign deliverables and strategic objectives. Created with purpose, audience, and motivation in mind, we develop hypotheses and design effectively to ensure we determine practical implications and a best use-case—and then drive decision-making. 

Analytics + Insights Capabilities

PeerMesh Pinpoint Opinion Leader Identification

Looking for a faster route to finding the right Opinion Leader for your brand? PeerMesh Pinpoint puts you in the driver’s seat. We developed our mScore proprietary identification algorithm to help you quickly find the most relevant Opinion Leaders to deliver on your specific business needs.

PeerMesh Pulse Social Listening

What’s the word on the street about your brand? See and hear what others are saying across social platforms with PeerMesh Pulse, our social listening service. From keyword tracking to Digital Opinion Leader dashboards, we can monitor and measure the conversations happening around and about your brand to deliver data-rich insights that help you shape the conversation—wherever it takes place.

PeerMesh Catalyst Content Engagement Services

Fully leverage the impact of your preferred Opinion Leaders by ensuring their full engagement. Through PeerMesh Catalyst content engagement services, we’ll devise a comprehensive, personalized Opinion Leader engagement plan that encompasses everything from travel preferences and training dates to presentations and ongoing communications. All built to help you develop a successful, seamless relationship.

PeerMesh Metric Measurement

What’s working? What’s not? With PeerMesh Metric, you gain a 360-degree view into the effectiveness of your HCP engagements. Every one of our PeerMesh offerings is designed to measure, quantify, and highlight successes and opportunities alike.

Data Analytics + Dashboards

By every measure, we’re constantly seeking ways to optimize your marketing investment. In pre-planning, we’ll use insights such as psychographic data, behavior trends, and opportunities based on prescription data to guide decisions. Then, when your campaign runs, we’ll continuously measure performance to adjust and enhance it.

Data Visualization + Mapping

We can’t fully harness data without truly understanding it. Our team takes the deciphering out of analytics and creates customized dashboards, visualizations, and data maps that place key insights right at your fingertips in easy-to-understand formats. From survey results and digital metrics to KOL research and influence maps, we can help you make the most of your data.

KPI Development + Performance Metrics

Gain a better understanding of digital marketing results so you can optimize your site for increased traffic and engagement. Using the Google Analytics platform to consolidate website traffic metrics with Google ads and other digital advertising channels, our customized dashboards report and visualize the source, demographics, and online behavior of your website users.

Market Research

Knowledge is power, and our survey capabilities can give you powerful insights on a broad range of criteria, from simple audience event feedback surveys to uncovering peer-to-peer educational preferences on treatments or making recommendations to patients. These data insights can help you enhance HCP relationships and improve patient outcomes.

Live Audience Engagement + Response

Use on-site polling to enable your speakers to deliver a more enriching presentation experience. Primarily used for advisory boards and speaker trainings, polling software allows for real-time feedback that speakers can immediately implement. Polls can be conducted either online or via text message, and they’re integrated directly into PowerPoint slides.

Meeting Planning

We cultivate human-to-human connections

Good meetings are about more than just exchanging ideas—they’re about building relationships. Since 1994, we’ve been successfully planning and executing dynamic live and virtual meetings where ideas flow and stronger connections are made.

A truly great meeting always has something else at work: an “X” factor, a can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it factor. It’s an approach, an attention to detail, an understanding of how each part fits with the whole.

As a team united by a shared passion for creating unparalleled customer experiences, we use agile teaming principles and the highest project management standards to create custom experiences tailored to your program’s specific needs.

Meeting Planning Capabilities

End-to-End Meeting Planning Services

Great meetings create great chemistry. That’s our sweet spot: We bring together the art and science of meeting planning in the healthcare space. Our comprehensive services and highly responsive team are there at every step to ensure your meeting’s success, from site location to speaker contracting to when the last attendee departs.

Event Strategy + Logistics Planning

It all starts with the strategy. We help you think through the essential questions: What is my meeting trying to accomplish? Who am I trying to reach? How can I best use this meeting series to communicate my message? After considering all those things and more, we then execute on that strategy via seamless logistics management.

Venue Sourcing + Contract Negotiation

Location, location, location. We know the importance of selecting the right venue for your meeting. That’s why we have established relationships with hundreds of venues across the United States and internationally. We match our experts and your criteria with the right venue, creating the perfect trifecta for an unforgettable meeting.

Attendee Recruitment + Management

Attendees sit at the heart of your event, and we’ll keep them engaged before, during, and after the meeting. We provide a seamless experience at every step, with crucial updates communicated in a timely manner. From premeeting communications to transportation to registration, our meeting managers are on it.

On-site Support

When game day arrives, we’re all in, ensuring a single point of contact for communicating all of your on-site needs. We send an experienced team that manages everything behind the scenes, adjusting plans on the spot and surveying all the risks. Additionally, we’re the last ones to leave the venue, making sure nothing was missed.

Post-Event Analysis

With our powerful analytics resources, we scrutinize multiple aspects of your meeting and measure them against past meetings to adjust accordingly. We pride ourselves on doing what we know works, but also in using analytics to better predict what will work.

Virtual Meetings

From national broadcasts to speaker trainings, branded peer-to-peer programs and more, we have a proven track record for producing successful virtual meetings and programs. We know what it takes to recruit, register and, most importantly, engage your virtual attendees, using post-event analytics and follow-up to maximize overall impact.

Budget Management

We’ll create a detailed budget that minimizes risk and examines budgetary trends for similar events across your vertical. We also get buy-in from all relevant stakeholders to minimize surprises. Then we track all line items, manage every receipt, and engage in a thorough, accurate reconciliation process at project closing.

Speaker Bureau

Peer-to-peer programming and speaker bureau strategy beyond mere management

A well-run speaker bureau can make all the difference for your brand—and your speakers. As your strategic partner, we can create, define, and develop custom strategies for programming, peer-to-peer education, and your thought leader speaker bureau.

Speaker Bureau Services

Speaker Bureau Development + Management

When the right speaker carries your brand’s voice with expertise and distinction, it amplifies your impact. Offering end-to-end speaker bureau support, from speaker identification to detailed budget reconciliation, our dedicated staff can help your story come through loud and clear so you can focus on building connections that count.

Speaker Contracting

Let us simplify speaker contracting for you. Since 1994, we’ve been working with HCP speakers, and we apply that experience to every step of the contracting process, including establishing honoraria amounts, contract execution, and timely and compliant contract filing.

Program Speaker Logistics

We bring the logistics support you need to seamlessly execute your speaker programs, taking on the complexity so you can offer your speakers what they expect: simplicity. We provide the highest level of service for your stakeholders and involve all internal and external team members in the programming process.


Leveraging Veeva systems, we make financial reconciliation nearly automatic by deploying transparent and easily accessible accounting information to ensure speakers receive rapid compensation for their work.

Comprehensive Compliance

We deeply understand the ins and outs of the Sunshine Act, the False Claims Act, the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, and other related compliance legislation and guidance. We also offer comprehensive expense reporting and honoraria processing, including all related dimensions of compliance such as state reporting on meals and transfers of value.

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